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  1. judging from their dates mmg no chance la they'll come here. But who knows.. they might drop by when they tour oz and nz.. nothing wrong in being positive right?lol
  2. which tix did you get? got mine too Cat 2.. dah tua but for Muse still layan lah! Bangkok is confirmed! OMG 2007 nightmare lol
  3. Go to both! hadoi if got money lah.. that tweet from Warner Music Thai can be trusted or not? all I could understand was Muse and 23 lol Got your tix for Singapore already? Seriously expensive!
  4. Joelyn! yes, it has been a long time!! I really miss this black and white messageboard! if it's not for miele tagging me on fb i wouldn't know that they're coming to Singapore! How are you and the baby? must plan a meet up to see your new baby! yeah la... Harap sangat they all come to Malaysia.. but mcm xde harapan sahaja! arrrgghhh stressssss!! yes, we're planning to go to Singapore! I missed them in 2010 so don't want to miss them again this time around! where are you from?
  5. I had so much fun. The crowd seated around me was a bit dead. not even standing but it was okay... two of my friends are now fans! A little disappointed that they didn't play Hysteria, but New Born was a great surprise! Am super happy that I got to meet Tom Kirk and took a picture with him. He was so freaking nice!
  6. It's tomorrow!!! I iz excited.. I hope they play Bliss but if not I won't complain. it's awesome enough to see them again.
  7. I'm having trouble clicking those jelly beans double and tripple tap the trackpad but still couldn't click at anything..
  8. This will be my first concert experience in the US. I'm from Malaysia and currently doing my graduate studies at ASU. Don't know what to expect this coming March but I am super excited to see Muse again.
  9. Joelyn, when i come back we go and makan together yeah? hahaha did you for the GDA awards btw?
  10. Got my tickets. will be seating for this one with my other two mates. can't wait for March 16th!
  11. Thanks! It's my first semester in ASU. still learning my ways. will check out the light rail today.
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