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    Tallinn, Estonia
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    the piano, the guitar, my band.. usual stuff :) oh and I just love going to concerts. then again, who doesn't?
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    crash, babel, lost in translation, lost and delirious...
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    CSI all the way baby!
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    Kurt Vonnegut "Mother Night"
    Ray Bradbury "Fahrenheit 451"
    Jan Guillou "Evil"

    and almost all by Nick Hornby
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    25.11.06 - Berlin
    02.07.07 - Riga
    14.07.07 - Locarno
    17.10.07 - Helsinki
    21.10.07 - Stockholm
    13.08.08 - Dublin
    Then Stockholm and Helsinki again and Wembley. Can't remember the dates.
  1. tere-tere eestlased, et siis selline küsimus: kas keegi autoga ka lätti liigub Musele? sinnasaamisega mul probleemi ei ole, bussiga täitsa ok, aga pärast konsat tahaks kohe tagasi Tallinnasse saada, et 12ks tööle jõuda...
  2. 11. kuupäevaks on mul Wembley pilet hõõ, juba 8 kontserti nähtud
  3. Hope life is good.:musesign::musesign:

  4. pöidlad pihku, et homme piletid saab... kui ei, siis Stockholmi piletid juba olemas... onju, Marvin
  5. fänn olnud ainult aastast 2006, kuigi kuulsin neist esimest korda paar aastat varem.. siiamaani käinud kuuel kontserdil, tahaks, et vähemalt kümme järgmise tuuriga kokku tuleks
  6. HAHAHA! ma olin selle täitsa ära unustanud. swedish elk brew - hääldada vastava aktsendiga "I'm sorry, what's the cheapest AND strongest beer you have here?"
  7. appi, teema elus ja muidugi muse reisid plaanis, mis küsimus... nad võiksid varsti üles panna kontserdite kuupäevad ja siis saaks jälle see põnev planeerimine pihta hakata nädala jooksul kaks korda muse'i näha ei olnud üldse halb.
  8. Agreed, there were quite a few idiots in the crowd and at some point I considered moving backwards but it calmed down after 4 songs or so. I was near the barrier (3 people away I guess) on Matt's side, a little bit left of him. Queued 5 hours for that place and am really satisfied. The gig was top notch and the second half of the set I spent with really cool ppl around me, all singing along. If any of you is the guy in the purple hoodie with longer dark or black hair who seemed to airdrum just at the same parts of songs as me, then know that you were cool. Thumbs up to you too
  9. 5 times 25.11.2006 - Berlin 02.07.2007 - RIGA - the best one! deffo. 14.07.2007 - Locarno 17.10.2007 - Helsinki 21.10.2007 - Stockholm i think these should be in my sig or smth. edit: they are, haha
  10. I haven't travelled *that* far for Muse as some of you, but I have always travelled to see them: I flew to Berlin to see them for the first time, took a bus to Riga for the 2nd concert, for the Locarno one I took a train from Montreux where I was staying with my family and friends (to which I had driven from Milan to which I had flew by plane.. lol) and now the fourth time I'll take the boat and/or plane to Helsinki and then for the fifth time the plane again to Stockholm And as there are extra Copenhagen tix released tomorrow, I'm thinking of going to that one too!
  11. Hey Kamuph! Muse in Riga was bloody awsome. I've seen Muse once before, but Riga really was the mother of all concerts The crowd was really energetic and the band gave their all. I just hope the rumour about the concert in Estonia is true!
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