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  1. I bought a large khaki green tour shirt at Exeter on the Psycho tour. Unfortunately it is more of a medium so I haven't been able to wear it. I paid £20 for it so want to make as much as possible back on it. Anybody interested? Can be seen in the picture below. Not available in the online store.
  2. Anybody else think that the tour shirts from the Psycho tour are a little bit out? I bought a large green one but I can't believe its actually a large despite what the label says. I've got medium shirts that are the same size as this.........
  3. They're a bit of a marmite band really, either love them or hate them. I thought they were pretty good although couldn't understand a word she was singing. But then again I'm quite partial to some of the heavier stuff out there. The guys I went with didn't like them either but Muse if probably the heaviest stuff they listen to. The singers throat must be pretty sore the day after a gig. Not sure she can go that hard for too many years......
  4. Moriaty were on first, another Devon band, and Chris came on and played bass for their last track. The other band were The Marmozettes who have done the whole tour.
  5. Great gig from an awesome band. Not every day you get to see arguably the best live band in the world in a 1,800 seat venue. How I got tickets I'll never know. Luck of the click I guess. Great support bands as well. Moriaty were an unexpected surprise and have been on a loop all weekend.
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