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  1. We can't make the gig now so are looking to sell our two standing tickets but obviously just want to get the face value back for them. Where's the best place to list these so they end up in a fan's hand, we don't pay fees and they don't pay over the odds?
  2. Not been to the SECC in a while, what's the easiest option for getting away afterwards without getting stuck in the traffic? Was planning to drive through and dump the car somewhere, maybe get a bus out and back.
  3. No PDF with the iTunes release either
  4. ascender

    Glastonbury 2010

    Its funny to read this thread after Edge guested on that track because all the posts about why the band aren't changing the setlist around much or playing more interesting tracks for the fans could have been taken from any U2 forum over the last 10 years or so. In fact, probably from any band who's achieved mainstream success. I guess the battle these guys face is that they're wanting to put on a slick and professional show each night, with the assumption that the fans coming to see them are only going to see the one Muse show that tour. So the boys no doubt spend loads of time agonising over song choice and the flow of the show. Moreso for shows like Glastonbury, the song choice is probably going to err towards being a Greatest Hits setlist and they're going to be limited in many ways as to the sort of production they can put on. I thought their performance was awesome and the highlight of what I've seen at Glasto this year by some distance. But of course, as a fan who has seem them live on a number of occasions before and has much more material than just the albums, it would have been good to see them pull out a few surprises. I guess they can't please all the people all of the time and the more popular a band becomes, the more difficult it seems for them to go against the instincts to play their hits. Loved the U2 cover song, was a nice gesture given they had to pull out and they all seemed to be having a great time doing it, so that's a nice wee rarity on the bootleg when it surfaces.
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