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  1. http://youtu.be/5sgEHoGQgBI Madness clip - loved the light shows. Wish I had got the one during Follow Me!
  2. Just got home. From what I can remember (in no particular order) Unsustainable Supremacy Panic Station Supermassive Black Hole MotP (one my favs!!!) Follow Me Undisclosed Desires Madness Time Is Running Out Plug In Baby Bliss New Born (nice but wish 'the ball' had stopped on SS) Isolated System Uprising Starlight Knights Of Cydonia Feeling Good (oh yes!!!) Guiding Light No Hysteria No Citizen Erased Hopefully someone with a better memory can post in full (with interludes) what it was
  3. Supermassive has been played a couple of times on our local rock station here in London Ontario (Canada)...but the responsive wasn't that great. Heard Assassin a couple times...but not lately. Saw Invincible on the video channel (much music) a couple days ago, but haven't heard it on the radio. I'm kind of confused as to what the next official single is either here or in the states
  4. Nope...your best bet is to order it online. It didn't work on my first DVD player though since it was a different region DVD player (north american). But I got a new universal one, so now it works fine
  5. I love it! I can see the U2 comparison in some parts...but no, its much better than U2!!!
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