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  1. Tokio Hotel, band teenager dari Jerman..ceritanya alirannya Jrock gtu. I HATE THEM TO DEATH.
  2. aww..what happened? Hope you're alright now. Whatya doin in Texas? running from one country to another eh? stop by in Germany
  3. Hey you disappeared too, that's why I left. No, okay..I am busy at the mo. Very busy. Like very, very, very busy. I need lots of sleep, need to hang out with my friends, go to the movies, shopping, eating ice cream..you know, important stuff where you at now? back in indonesia right?
  4. hi. gw jarang post aja, tapi klo stealth mode sering. what she said. jadi pada dasarnya jelek. "keep it light in Jakarta" says Matt.
  5. I am Indonesian, but I'm currently in Germany because of studies. YEah, it does require you to be fit. SOme military training perhaps? Well, the guy wasn't hitting me with his elbows, he was just pushing me about, but hit another guy who was in front of me. Sorry to say this, but sometimes I find it very extreme in Indonesia. The so called 'penonton norak'. I remember what happened when A1 (boyband from england?) came, and had a signing session. People got stepped on until death and glass breaking everywhere. I mean, you need to calm down a little. They are just humans anyway.I get it though that we don't get many bands coming so people tend to overreact. And sometimes you can blame the promoter too. I mean, it's hard to believe that at the Ungu concert an extra 4000 people just pushed their way in through the gate without proper security check. We all know how bribery and law works in Indonesia.* *the truth always hurts, doens't it?
  6. I saw them in Berlin. Well, I didn't pass out, but yeah maybe somewhere near the end I was getting tired so had to stop every now and then from all the jumping and just breath. I was too stubborn to past out, because I was in a perfectly good spot, and it was my first Muse concert. But yeah, it is normal for a rock concert. Plus, other than the bunch of retards somewhere around me, there were also very nice people who made sure that their 'neighbours' were doin' alright. A girl next to me asked me if I was alright, when I was sort of looking around to catch some air. And the girls in the front row, offered to take a picture of the band for me for a clearer view. There will always be people who pass out. It's a rock concert and sometimes there are unconsiderate people who don't care and hurt other people. Like there was a guy who was in front of me, and I don't know whether he never went to a concert or was generally an idiot. He kept fussin' about hitting people with his elbows and whatnot, because people were so packed together, and the concert hadn't even started yet! I just can say. If you're gonna be up front, you are most definitely gonna get pushed. If you're close to the front, ask a bouncer to carry you out if you can't handle it anymore. If you're in the middle, then just move back.
  7. No, I saw them recently (Nov 2006), it just means it depends on each country. They're bigger in Indonesia aren't they? So, it might be different. But yeah, there's hardly no air up front. Like I said, sometimes I thought, I would pass out already.
  8. I only came like an hour before the gates were opened and ended up in 3rd row in front of Matt. Well that's because Muse ain't so very popular here (yet). How was it in the front? Hmm, hard to explain. It is rough, and sometimes I thought "hmm, okay, I'm loosing it now, guess here's where I stop". Then I probably just stop the jumping around & singing along, and catch a few breaths of air. But when a song starts, you forget everything you know
  9. Well it depends with whom you're going with. I went with 7 others when I saw them and ended up being up front alone, because the others couldn't handle the moshing. Okay, so one girl was wearing boots, and another was afraid her jacket would get wet sprayed with water. But I guess if you're really into muse, you wouldn't mind all the pushing. *shrugs* None of my friends really like muse.
  10. Hmm, that's very interesting. Didn't know that most people do prefer to speak in english. It really is multi-cultural. I've never been to Malaysia, despite how close it was to me, so I haven't been exposed to the culture and I guess it really is different from Indonesia. Oh, Happy New Years everybody.
  11. Well, to make it clear, I wasn't slagging you guys off. I find it actually cool that you guys speak in english, because like vspirit says, its open for anybody I guess. I was just curious. Oh and vspirit, what a read. I did read it all though. I'm not sure myself why. If I understood that right, I find there's no need to force someone to speak/reply in a certain language unless they can't understand the language. More like ego-matter to me it seems. (Although I couldn't really tell what your mother language is ) But anyway..enjoy the muse chats/concert people!
  12. Do you guys normally speak in English on an everyday basis? As far as I know, your official language is Malay, or do you guys just speak english here? Its not important I know. I'm just bored and going crazy and malay-indo are like saudara right? yes? No? okay then...
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