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  1. You should. You have my guitar I've had that strap for about ten years so maybe they don't do that anymore. Honestly I just assumed they were all like that.
  2. Yes, finally! The glitter is much more noticeable in the flesh then in any of the promo shots. Had the custom black controls put on by Mansons to replace the normal silver ones for extra red-and-blackness.
  3. Put my deposit down on the MC1-RS. Now to try not to spend hundreds on the upgrades.
  4. It's on all Manson as far as I'm aware. I'm not sure if it comes from when he recorded CE. I read he used a bass string on the low E but it could just as well have been a 60 and he just stuck with it. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2
  5. It looks pretty good. Have you run it on a PC? I fancy the package with the pedal but at £140 I might wait till after Christmas.
  6. Anybody still use Guitarport? I've used it for about 10 years and surely there must be something more updated then it out now? It seems Line 6 have abandoned it. I'm not really interested in recording so I'm not looking for anything too professional and pricey, I've just always used Guitarport and preferred mucking about through the PC rather than having loads of physical equipment in my little flat.
  7. Yeah that was a lifetime ago. Also on a side note, where were you last night? JPJ and Seasick Steve together? randomness.
  8. What did you ever do with the black one I sent you back a couple of years ago?
  9. actually no I haven't, hmm where's my credit card...
  10. It's nice to see a Manson that's 'relatively' affordable. I'm fully expecting the top spec version of whatever sig series they do next year to hit 4000 and maybe break it
  11. Who's actually pre-ordered then? I'm still looking under the sofa for 2100 quid
  12. stick some custom hardware on it and you got yourself a sex machine
  13. Would have like a 6-string version but I suppose that's sacrilege
  14. James, did you ever manage to get the noise cleaned up from the Fuzz controls on the Shatter? Used to drive me mad. Also, mucho thanks for getting my old account back online woo...
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