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  1. Just awful, and so dangerous.....could’ve been catastrophic. Idiots! 😡
  2. Was there a crush before people even got to the barrier? This is awful! 😡
  3. When Matt said “this is better than Wembley” (or words to that affect), my feelings were “if only”🤔 Yes, it was a good gig visually, but such a safe set list. Great that they put Bliss in (no balls though?), but Madness AND Undisclosed Desires? Come on!! I had my toilet break in the latter song (jeepers it’s awful). Loved Take A Bow and Unsustainable....brilliant! Fair play, I thought the crowd were really into it on the pitch...unfortunately I hurt my back and had to go up into the seats, but hey ho! As soon as we heard the harmonica, we were out of there, I needed to get back to my hotel quickly (so did a few hundred others apparently). So glad I did, cos I could see it was going to be a nightmare for the majority......I was tucked up in bed by 11.10, lovely jubbly!! 😁 All in all, a pretty good gig...... not excellent, but it will suffice for now! Highlight: Take A Bow (just brilliant and those visuals.....wow!) Lowlight: Undisclosed Desires (Why Matt, why??) 7 out of 10
  4. After seeing the last 2 set lists for Europe, I’m afraid I have to agree with you. I have never felt so unenthusiastic about a Muse gig. I’m really hoping that they pull something out of the bag for their home crowds considering the amount we’ve paid, but I think the only surprise we (might) get is a jam with Matt and Tom Morello....but I’m probably clutching at straws there too!! Really hoping they’ll prove me wrong and it’ll be an absolute belter!! 😬😂
  5. Getting super dooper excited for this one......... 25 days!!!! 😁
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