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  1. You mean you get fed also?!!! You're likely to get straight into the section although I'm not sure when the gates open. If they allow randoms without VIP access (like me!) into the GC then you may not be guaranteed a premium space if the gates have opened by the time you get there.
  2. Golden Circle - what’s the deal? So both UK shows so far have a Golden Circle which I’m guessing is primarily for VIP ticket holders. However, according to Twitter on Saturday for the London gig, wristbands for the GC were being given out on a ‘first come first serve’ basis (presumably because they wanted it to look full if not all the VIP tickets were sold?). At Bristol tonight the GC seemed to be filling up quite slowly. I’d like to try and get in there on Saturday but don’t how straightforward it will prove to be (if it’s even possible). Does anybody know of anyone who managed to get in without a VIP ticket and how easy it was? If they were been given out to anyone I’m sure those that bought the more expensive tickets wouldn’t be best pleased!
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