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Fan presale - good or rip off? (Climate Pledge Arena, Apr 2023)


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Well that was unexpected, wanted to see Muse in my hometown in Seattle, was sitting in the waiting room for ages with a fan presale code, then arrived in the queue with 900 people in front of me in the queue for a 17,000 seat venue, fair enough - just a few minutes to get to buy tickets and then BAM - they were literally vanishing in front on my eyes and I swear the price was rising as I watched.  Huge swathes of the areas were already unavailable and there just weren't enough tickets. Yes I got a couple at crazy prices, but what gives here - is it better to wait for the main public release? Feels like only a small fraction were made available for presale and they under-estimated demand - A LOT!

Is this normal these days?

It felt like a system designed to milk the most amount of money from fans rather than giving us any benefit ahead of the general ticket release 😞


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They are now scalping their own tickets  it seems 😟

GA for $224. Is that what it costs now?

I’ve been a fan for a long time, have been to many shows but I guess I’m just not willing to shell out that much for a ticket. I didn’t buy. 
I keep checking but prices haven’t dropped.


Not a fan of this dynamic pricing system.  It does seem like they tried to make as much money as possible from their loyal fan base.  Disappointed ☹️ 

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