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March 19th - Wells Fargo


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This was my first time buying tickets directly from the Wells Fargo center and not through Ticketmaster. I wasn't a fan of their system, because you were stuck getting tickets assigned to you based on the tiered section you selected. Each time I wanted to try for new seats, the website kept bouncing me out and forcing me to start from the beginning. Very tedious and cumbersome ticket buying experience. 

But I like the Wells Fargo center and I am so glad that Muse decided to add a stop in Philly on the 2023 North American tour! I can't wait! Managed to get tickets in Section 106. 

How did everyone else make out?

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Hi there -  Congrats! After trying many times I lucked out and got section 101. One thing good about the Wells Fargo system is that it will not lock you out like Ticketmaster will if you click fast and keep trying for better tix. Like you said, it does however make you start over at the beginning if you do not take the seats that were offered to you. I did notice they increased the price tiers as the sale was going on and the amount of tix decreased. Glad I got mine before that happened.... Two Muse shows in 5 months including the Beacon Theatre gig!

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I was in the middle of a running a work conference when the tickets were released, but managed to sneak away for long enough to buy tickets to this gig. Most stressful part of my day that day! Hate the Wells Fargo system, and was stuck waiting for what felt like an eternity in the "loading" phase after it said the tickets were available. Got a GA ticket, and already took that Monday off work (in D.C.) so I can make a weekend of it. Doing the GA line all day is usually fun.

Also going to NYC for the Beacon Theater. God I hope they play CE there too, like they did at the Wiltern the other day. It's been many years since I heard that live. Beacon will be Muse show #17 since 2004 - can't wait!

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