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Presale code error


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I logged into my Muse account to get my presale code for the Chicago show in October. I kept refreshing to see if tickets were available, I finally got 2 tickets but when I entered my code, it said it was not valid!! I'm super upset and angry. I've been a member for YEARS and I made sure to take the time to be able to purchase these tickets. I know it was a gamble since a lot of people were trying to get tickets, but when I got them, I was so excited. After reentering the code and copy/paste from the Muse website, it told me time after time it was invalid and then I got kicked out and had to restart since I tried too many times. This is not okay at all. Now I either have to try tomorrow to get tickets which will be impossible or pay at least double or triple the price from a scalper. Can anything be done??? 


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