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Dreamed of a melody...that i neeeeed Mathew to sing


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Hello, i don't know if my message could be read by the members of the group Muse, but, at least i would have try...

2 years ago, i made a dream, and in this dream, i heard a music. Guitars , violin, lyrics of vibrating love and passion at first sight

I searched during 2 years, asked to everyone who could help to find the name of this music and the singer, i sang to shazam, to google, i searched the lyrics on the web during hours . NOTHING.

So, i believed i invented this song. It's a beautiful pop rock melody of love, in the style of Muse.

So please Mathew if you read this, i have a wish : shall i ask you to sing and compose this song ? i'll give you every detail, i'm a bad singer , but this melody is haunting me, and i think it would make me crazy.

Thank you for reading.



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