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Thank you MUSE


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I’m not sure why I’m writing this, or what it can possibly achieve, but I feel some need to do it, perhaps maybe because my brother will never be able to now.


My brother loved MUSE. He went to many of your concerts and bought all your albums. He was unlucky enough to have a stroke at 42 years of age. Despite the problems it left him with, he still managed to come and see you live - it was one of the few times he had the confidence to leave his home. And he loved it every minute of it, I don’t remember him ever being happier and more free than when he was there watching you guys. 

His health hadn’t been so good over the past year and when I surprised him with tickets to see you in London, it became apparent closer to the time that he wasn’t going to be well enough to travel there. I just couldn’t bear to go without him, so we just let the date go by and I promised him I’d book a closer venue for next time.


Then you released some new dates in Birmingham - and I was so happy! It was such a brilliant turn of events... I managed to book some accessible seats and surprised him with the news. He was so excited about it. He even went shopping for memorabilia and hats and a t-shirts in advance. Like an excited kid he was looking forward to it so much.


Unfortunately,  he became unexpectedly  unwell a few weeks ago. He fought so hard. In the hospital he often mentioned that he needed to get better in time for the concert. Even when he was so very unwell in the high dependency unit, your music was always a great source of strength and inspiration to him. Especially Dig Down -we spoke about that song a lot. It meant something more to him than it did to most. As things progressed, we played your songs whilst he was sedated on a ventilator, hoping it would inspire the fight in him.


Sadly, my brother lost that fight. He died  yesterday, never having had that chance to see you one last time.


I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you guys. You brought so much joy to and inspiration to him, even in his darkest days. As hard as it will be, I will try to be there on the 17th, as I know he would want that. I’ll try and live that one for him. I suppose I’m just writing this to say thank you - thank you for adding something to his life, for inspiring him and making him happy, when others couldn’t. I’ll Always be grateful for that - and if anyone sees a girl in floods of tears on the 17th, please know they’ll be happy ones. Sleep well Chris, i’ll be thinking of you. x

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