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Agitated/Stockholm syndrome Outro tab


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Hey there folks, ive been wondering, if anyone knows how to play this? I havnt been succesful in finding a tab myself. Its the Agitated outro played at Hullabaloo, which is also used at Wembley 2007 after Stockholm Syndrome, i believe.

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This is probably better asked in kit and tab, but anyway, its an awesome riff to rock out to :D


It goes something like this, I think, this may not be exact but it's close enough to give you a rough idea.


e------------------------------------------ Thats the basic notes for the start of the agitated

b-----10-10-10-10-------------------- version,and bend the 10/12 part on the b/g strings.In haarp

g-----12-12-12-12-------------------- Matt just uses the fernandes sustainer for those weird

d------------------------------------------ sounds.



And the basic riff is just this for both, he just plays it until he smashes the guitar in hullabaloo and in haarp he plays little variations, but you could probably work them out yourself.






Hope this helps!

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