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Download Pop Apocalypse: A Possible Satire PDF eBook

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Download Pop Apocalypse: A Possible Satire Book in PDF Format. Too Many Books Available in Our Site.




From Publishers Weekly A wastoid playboy gets sucked into a funny and paranoid near-future misadventure in Konstantinou's entertaining debut. In the near future??”the 2000s are vintage but not forgotten??”the Internet has evolved into the mediasphere, which allows lives to be followed so closely that names are traded like stocks on a Reputations Exchange. Eliot Vanderthorpe Jr. is a longtime screwup, the high-profile party-animal son of Eliot Sr., who runs the company behind the mediasphere. After Eliot Sr. takes his son's name public as a way to control his erratic behavior, the younger Eliot hooks up with a branding expert who attempts to drive up his IPO. Soon enough, Eliot discovers another Eliot living

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