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Download Coleridge's Notebooks: A Selection PDF eBook


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Download Coleridge's Notebooks: A Selection Book in PDF Format. Too Many Books Available in Our Site.




Review "This delightfully edited selection of the journals of Samuel Taylor Coleridge...reintroduces the general reader to one of the most fascinating characters in literary history.... Coleridge's Notebooks belong with St. Augustine's Confessions as evidence of the seriousness with which one may take the Socratic command, 'know thyself'.... Dipped into or read through (the commentary is always helpful and at times eloquent; with commentary, these selections very nearly comprise an autobiography), Coleridge's Notebooks brings us as close as can be to the great Romantic, and at times perhaps uncomfortably close to our unacknowledged selves."--The Providence Journal "[A] brilliantly edited selection, which must now

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