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When you come to LA in a couple of weeks...

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When you get to LA in a couple of weeks I would love for you to look me up here in Portland, Oregon. Its only 12 hrs drive and well, you could fly.

I would be here for you, your personal escort to all the totally happening spots here. Including the hottest of them all, ME!

In the late afternoon, I invision us sitting around under this huge giant 100 year old Sycamore tree I knicknamed "The Grandpa Tree". I think you would totally dig looking up at the fading sky through the boughs.

Around 9:30 I will show you Jupiter through my telescope-- the closest it will be to Earth for another twelve years or so.

Later if you want we can hot-tub or see some local shows. Too many people might recognize you though and to be honest I want you all for myself!

Anyway no matter what it is we end up doing I know that it willl all be inspiration for your next album or at least a song or two.

Look forward to seeing you!

All My Love,


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