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My (undisclosed) Love of M

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A moment of irrational self pity engulphes me as the Ocean pounds at my thighs and splashes my face. A slap of irony. Cold, alone. Wanting.

Falling Down cascades through the crash of waves from my head and into the deep deep blue.

For a moment I imagine the connection of the depths of the Ocean to the furthest reaches of Space. Can you feel my yearning for you? My body reacting to primordial instincts pulls me from the cold Ocean waters.

Cleansed for the moment. Never able to erase all the memories. I still feel the pain.

The desire to feel you, smell you to be with you is beyond any pain of ... what? Of losing you if I ever even had you to begin with.

This is Our Love Affair.

This is where it gets really really weird.


Do I dare say your name?

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