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Lenon Honor Films I: The workings of evil (Rihanna and JayZs "umbrella" semiotics)


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A few months ago I started to follow the work of this independient american filmaker and I must say I agree with it most of times, also that his work has opened more view points for me from semiotics refering to entertainment industry and hidden agendas.


Here are some of his works and links so you can watch them and talk about them here if you want.


"The workings of evil": What is Rihannas song Umbrella about? Is it about a device that protects us from the rain? Is it about a young womans love for a man? Is it about a young womans vagina; her umbrella which opens when rain falls, when it is wet? Building upon the spiritual concepts revealed in The Creator, the gods, Evil, and the Manipulation of Humanity, this documentary elaborates further on the demonic manipulation technology called possession.



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