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Muse and conspiracy

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Well... I dont like the "conspiracy" word, but I guess I must use it so people know what we are talking about. I love Muse and that is a fact. I appreciate much more the fact that conspiracy subjects inspires the work of the band.


I got in to Muse about four years and I got in to this way of perceive the word about one year and a half. I noticed that all the language and some of the messages of the band are related to this particular perspective. H.A.A.R.P, MK ULTRA, Knights of Cydonia, Sunburn, Apocalypse Please, Ruled By Secrecy, Exo-Politics and so on. Even the studio at Italy is like a bunker :)


So I wonder, what do you think about this relation between the work of Muse and the conspiracy world. Any idea?


P.S. I am glad there are persons like Matt out there as well as thousands of people who may seem odd but at least try to figure out the world by themselves.



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Well... Ununited States of Eurasia detective game let me speechless, it is just wonderful. There are too many hints for the opened minds out there to check. Trilateral Comission, Bildelberg Group, Israel-Palestina issue...


As for myself, It felt nice to see my name at the Dubai Station; 1840 - MINA - 2009-07-17 17:17:37 GMT


:) I wonder do the boys have something to say about the economical crisis that is comming by the end of the summer?

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