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Earls Court 2004 - Official muse.mu footage


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Hello all,


I'm looking for the old footage of the earls court gigs released on the muse.mu website. On my previous computer, I succeed to download all the footage but the quality was very lossy, then I deleted the files ten years ago.

As far as I remember, in january and february 2005, Tom Kirk added videos and audios of the two nights to be play with the website media player :


  • The Small Print (19th) (video name: earls_tsp_Hi_fix.swf)

  • Hysteria (20th) (audio file: WMA 96kb/s)

  • Micro Cuts (20th) (audio file: WMA 96kb/s)

  • Space Dementia (20th) (audio file: WMA 96kb/s)

  • Ruled by secrecy (20th) (video name: earls_ruledby_Hi_fix.swf and audio file in the muse.mu player : WMA 96kb/s) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRfIUGkb6Og
  • Butterflies & Hurricanes (20th) (video name: earls_butterfly_Hi.swf)


Nowadays, all the tracks are available on youtube but i'm looking for the original files uploaded in 2005 on the muse website.


Could someone help me to find the files ? Maybe someone has a backup of the files since 2005 ?


Thank you very much,

Cheers !

Matt, a fan from France since 2000


PS : the messages of Tom Kirk posted on the web site :

"3 live tracks from Muse's recent Earl's Court dates have been added to the official site and can be found in the audio section. Micro Cuts, Space Dementia and Ruled By Secrecy are up and ready to enjoy. Video footage from the 2 nights will be coming very soon on muse.mu too!"


-> actually, Hysteria from the 20th was added too.


"There's performance footage up on the official site of Butterflies and Hurricanes; taken from the 2nd night at Earl's Court. There will be more songs going up over the next few days from both nights. The footage is taken from the edit that went out on the night on the big screens side of stage. Photos will be coming soon from Earl's too. The photographer got caught up in the Tsunami so we're a bit delayed in receiving them. Very relieved to find that they came back un-harmed. (the photographer not the photos.) Cheers fora now. Take care. Tom"



"Hello. Pleased to inform that two more tracks have been added into the footage section taken from Muse's 2 memorable nights in Earl's Court in December. TSP is taken from the 19th and Ruled By Secrecy from the 20th. The reason more media is from the 20th is because we had XFM in recording that night so the audio we recorded is a touch better. But both nights were amazing and I'm sure you'll enjoy checking it out. http://www.muse.mu. Cheers for now. Tom"

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