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The 2nd Law HD Download


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Super-late to revist this, I know, but back during the pre-order fiasco of Oct 2012 I eventually managed to download a copy of the album after a few misfires.


However, my digital files have somehow evaporated and I was wondering if this page still works?




I was told at the time by Warner customer support:




The HD Redemption page is back up again http://muse.mu/the2ndlawdownload. Essentially our Digital Service Provider (who support the downloads on the webstore) had a bug related to allowing the downloads to be pause/resume-able that ended up erroneously hammering the download server, leading to all the freezing/dropouts. This has been replaced by an alternative service so you should hopefully been able to redeem your download without issue now. Obviously massive apologies for any inconvenience and frustration. Your codes have been reset so you can go back to the page to redeem your download.


Anyone that simply bought the HD download directly and tried to download today may find the link they were sent working better now, but they will also be emailed a redemption code tomorrow so they too can go to page and redeem their HD download via the alternative service.


Once again sorry for any hassle


Warner Music Customer Service


However, I never received the redemption code. Am I SOL? Must I now turn to teh torrenz to get my fix of 2nd Law? Must I re-rip the one CD copy I burned of the album?

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