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Drums From Above


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Forgive me if this is against the rules (shameless plugs, etc)


I'm a freelance photographer based in Denver, Colorado. I've been photographing concerts for around three years now, and have realized that it's impossible to make a sustainable living solely shooting concerts, along with there being absolutely nothing proprietary in concert photography...


So that's why I created a completely new, and creative photo series called Drums From Above.


Essentially, i work with drummers in a photo studio and capture them playing their most storied kit from above. It's an angle that is extremely unique, different, and completely captivating in every sense of the word.








Along with these from above shots, I also capture close-ups of the kit, headshot portraits, and day in the life of photos of each drummer.


I currently have a confirmed list of around 140 drummers or so from all over, including the entire roster of SJC Drums.


BUT there are a handful of drummers that I can't seem to find contacts to, one of which being Dominic Howard of Muse of course. Does ANYONE here have any contacts directly to the band? I know they're on tour till at least June, but was hoping to maybe put the wheels in motion on getting Dominic on board for this project.


IF i have broken any rules, I apologize! I just need help contacting Muse! :)

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