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Not Getting News By Email


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Hi folks. I was wondering if anyone knows, does every NEWS posting on MUSE's website get emailed to its members? I never got the California/Oregon sale info by email but just happened to see it on Facebook from a friend. Fortunately I got my tix but I don't want to miss anything else. Thanks!


Source: http://muse.mu/news,drones-world-tour-oregon-california_1688.htm?f=news&pg=

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I haven't gotten a single New related email since the beginning of the tour. Looking back, the only stuff I've gotten on my accounts (signed up again on Gmail because I wasn't getting the xmas stuff on my normal account) was single releases.


A bit crummy, as even the forum's News section didn't advertise the US dates, and I still haven't seen the last batch of dates on the main site (Sweden, etc)!

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