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Madness Lip Sync Video


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OK, so I have seen one for Panic Station and for Neutron Star Collision, but I want to make a lip sync video of Madness!


I don’t know how many people will take part in this but I’m hoping some people will.




You can make it as exaggerated or under exaggerated as you like

Recording the whole song makes it easier for me

You must leave the music in the background or overdub it so all the lip sync is correct

You don’t have to be following me

Nothing rude or obscene will be accepted

And lastly, have as much fun as you can!




All entries must be sent to me by 28th November and I will edit over the Christmas Period

Entries should be sent to hailingtheking@outlook.com

The entry video should be of a decent quality so that the main image is not obscured

Videos should be sent in a zipped/compressed file and this makes it easier for you because it means you can send larger files and easier for me because it downloads faster


But I hope as many of you take part as possible! It should be great and please spread this to your friends etc and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!


I hope you take part! :p


(Really not sure how this will go down... ) :unsure:

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