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My band, The Shakes and Rumbles


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I've been posting on Muse message boards for years and have always envied the guys who have had bands and played shows and whatnot, it's been my dream since my first year of high school. Finally found a drummer who was a serious about it as I was (5-6 years later) and we're finally starting to get off the ground!


We've been in the process of getting an EP recorded, but the guy who did this song wasn't very experienced with the live sound we were trying to get. So here's a video of us playing live in the second show we played a few months ago:




There's more videos of us on that channel, if you're interested (sorry about the ridiculous watermark, our friends that record for us have... business aspirations I guess). Liking us on Facebook is also appreciated, especially if you're in the Chicago area and might be able to make it out to one of our shows :)

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