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New Project: Picture Collection - needs support

m Art kowsky

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Hi there!


I´m new here and english is not my first language so please be patient.

Well I may be new here but I listen to Muse since my school time and their songs always have been a personal gain and my muse.


For quite a while I have a fixed idea that stays on my mind...


In my free time I draw and paint and that stuff. A lot of these pictures are inspired by several Muse songs. I know there are some more people like me out there!

I would love to create a whole collection of Muse inspired artwork. My vision is to structure it like the band´s discography where every record will be a chapter with one or several different pictures to each song.

I´m not sure yet whether the ultimate result will be a real art book or maybe a digital version on a microsite.


But anyway I will need all of you talented and Muse inspired people out there!


There are just a few basics that I would like to mention:

- it has to be inspired by a song ;)

- you have to be the creator and owner (intellectual property)

- you have to be willing to allow to publish it as a part ot the collection (as a real art book or Microsite or whatever it will be at the end)

- you should give a small description of it like used materials and tools, creation date and of course the song it´s according to

- I know there will be a lot of different interpretations of songs so it would be great if you also mention a few words on what it means to you personally (maybe there was a special occasion, mood or phase of life why this song inspired you so much)

If you help me to make this project run, there will be a lot of discussions about the works and interpretations of course and in this context I ask you not to argue about them as they are very individual. Please accept that there is no right or wrong!


I hope I could give you an idea of what I have in mind and I also hope we will get the show on the road!

So show your ideas, drawings, pictures and sculptures!



To make the first move here are two pieces of mine (in case I will be able to set the link ;)

*not sure if the nsfw is necessary but don´t want to make anything wrong


Inspired by "Thoughts of a Dying Atheist"; 2004, ballpen & paper





I started this one when I had a phase I could`nt sleep at night for weeks. I had a lot of worries about just everything and it was getting much, much worse at night. It felt like a demon obsessed me each night. That song just fitted and listening to it and drawing this was like a therapy or meditation :unsure:.



Inspired by "Sing for Absolution"; 2006, ballpen & paper





I really love this song and after a few times listening you hear more and more details. After a while the story developed and for me the song is about a murder on the one u love.

I can even hear the siren (album version 3:13 - 3:15).

Then both are dead: "Our wrongs remain unrectified and our souls won't be exhumed"



I really hope some of you like the idea and will join the project:musesign:

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