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First of all congratulations to you for your Muse I really enjoy, you are an exelent group and real artists.


Your Albums are original, references, themes addressed are some very unpopular but you know do the true wonders.


As you like originality, I suggest a subject, a subject that can possibly interest you.


First of all I am neither fantasists nor a liar, or dreamy. I tried longtemp and I am part of a French forum that specializes in research on unidentified aerial phenomena and Unidentified Flying Objects.


Here are the most convincing ... which I hope will interest you.


The Battle of Los Angeles

The name given to an that occurred on the night of 24 to 25 February 1942, over Los Angeles, California, United States.

DCA opened fire for several hours, in response to the identification of several unidentified flying objects in the sky over Los Angeles. Initially, authorities thought it was an attack by Japanese aircraft as was the case at Pearl Harbor, a few months earlier. The Secretary of the Navy of the United States Frank Knox said, however, later in a press conference that it was a "false alarm". The Japanese declared at the end of the war they had never sent planes over Los Angeles. The mystery surrounding the events that night was a pretext to many rumors, the most common reported the presence of UFOs and aliens made this incident a UFO phenomenon.


Phoenix Lights

Lights variously described were observed by thousands of people between 19:30 and 22:30 (Mountain Standard Time), in a space of about 300 miles (about 483 km), the Nevada border, via Phoenix, to the of Tucson. The "Phoenix Lights" mean in reality several distinct phenomena observed on the same night in different places: a triangular formation of lights seen moving from above the state and a series of stationary lights seen in Phoenix and surrounding .

Regarding the group of lights observed and filmed over Phoenix by numerous witnesses, the official explanation of the U.S. Air Force is that it was actually flares the army had dropped by A- 10 Warthog. This explanation was challenged and refuted, including some militaires5 according to these lights did not look like it usually flares at night.

An observer notable among those who reported observing a huge UFO-shaped carpenter's square, equipped with bright lights or thrusters, is the Republican governor of Arizona at the time of the events: Fife Symington6.


The Foo Fighters

Aerial phenomena (usually one or more balls of light yellow or red) reported on numerous occasions by the crews of the armed forces or air forces of the Axis during the Second World War1. The Foo Fighters are considered a fundamental element for those interested in UFOs. Nevertheless, even if the phenomenon is not yet fully explained to date, it would perhaps a natural phenomenon occurring in certain conditions.from 1942, many crewmembers British, American, German or Japanese but also reported being escorted by formations of luminous spheres during their missions combat1. While pointing intelligently (no driver came to "sow" a foo fighter), these phenomena were content to follow clearly the squadrons of fighters or bombers. Several pilot panicked, tried to kill these luminous spheres (as confirmed Major Donald E.Keyhoe U.S. Navy), but to no avail.


The report Cometa

French non-paper presented in 1999 to Jacques Chirac and Lionel Jospin treating the UFO phenomenon. It was written by the French association COMETA to educate the French public authorities to UFOs.

Entitled UFOs and Defense: What should we prepare? and more commonly called "Cometa report," he was sent to President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister Lionel Jospin in 1999 (without a request from them has been made). On July 16, he was the subject of a special issue of the magazine VSD, a French tabloid.

With the collaboration of Jean-Jacques Velasco (CNES member, former director of GEPAN and SEPRA), the report is based on French studies since 1977. Other figures from the French aerospace and military have also contributed to the report COMETA: among others, General Domange of the Air Force, Edmond Campagnac, former technical director of Air France (and witnessed the famous observation Tananarive in 1954), and numerous military and civilian pilots. Moreover, the preamble of the report was written by Professor AndrLebeau, former director of CNES, and the preface by General Norlain, former director of the IHEDN.

In fact, the proposal made by the drafters of the report form the Air Staff at the UFO phenomenon was followed in France since the future air traffic controllers are now trained to respond effectively in the presence of a UFO.


Considering everything we have learned about UFOs since 1947, the report concludes that "physical reality almost certainly completely unknown flying objects." He concludes, moreover, that given the prowess shown by the UFO, the extraterrestrial hypothesis is most likely to explain the UFO phenomenon: "One assumption makes sufficient account of the facts and does not call for the most part, that today's science, which is that of extraterrestrial visitors "...." The goals of these potential visitors remain unknown but must be essential speculation and developed scenarios looking. "...." The extraterrestrial hypothesis is by far the best scientific hypothesis, it is certainly not proven categorically, but there are in his favor is strong evidence, and if true, it has serious consequences . "

Finally, the report takes a stand in favor of a better scientific study of the phenomenes.


Project Blue Book

A commission established by the U.S. Air Force to study and investigate the UFO phenomenon. This commission was created in 1952 and remained active until 1969.Les first UFO sightings that followed the end of World War II (including the famous story of Kenneth Arnold) began quickly the U.S. military on alert. In 1947, the U.S. Air Force launched Project Sign which was to study the reality of these phenomena or not. It was renamed Project Grudge in 1949 In 1951, following a wave of UFO testimony, the army decided to revive the project with more resources.

It's April 12, 1952, began the "Blue Book", led by Captain Edward J. Ruppelt. This commission will be divided into a study section, an investigation, a liaison with the Pentagon civilian scientists and consultants. Following an upsurge in UFO stories during the year 1952, the government began to address the problem more closely and decided to investigate. In September 1953, Captain Ruppelt resigned. He published, in 1955, "The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects" book about the most significant cases he had been treated within the Project Blue Book.

Captain Charles Hardin resumed command of the project in March 1954. He decided to declassify and make public the special report No. 14 Project Blue Book. The report, finding that no UFOs, are available for sale to the general public in October 1955.

Captain George T. Gregory was appointed to head the project in April 1956 and will be replaced by Major Robert J. Friend in October 1958. In April 1963, Project Blue Book goes under the command of Major Hector Quintanilla. In March 1966, several civilian scientists of the project (including Josef Allen Hynek) took a public stand for the reality of the UFO phenomenon (and therefore against the official position of Project Blue Book), they were never able to prove. These differences will lead the U.S. government to sponsor, in 1969, an expert report from Dr. Edward Condon, University of Colorado to establish whether or not the reality of the UFO phenomenon. The Condon report concludes that UFOs do not exist and that all testimony is based on a misunderstanding with natural phenomena, either hallucinations and that all scientific research in this area is of no interest. Project Blue Book will be officially dissolved in December 1969 and will stop work in January 1970.


Le Geipan

Study Group and information on unidentified aerospace phenomena (GEIPAN) is an agency of the National Centre for Space Studies was established in 2005 and based in Toulouse. He is responsible for collecting, analyzing and archiving summarily unidentified aerospace phenomena (CNES terminology), but also to inform the public. He succeeds Service expertise of atmospheric reentry phenomena (SEPRA), dissolved in 2004.

GEIPAN is placed under the aegis of a steering committee gives its recommendations to the CNES control over its policies and operations. Chaired by Yves Sillard, former Director General of CNES, it comprises 15 members, representing:

the French civil and military authorities: National Gendarmerie, National Police, Civil Protection, Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Air Force

the scientific world: National Centre for Scientific Research, Meteo France, CNES


22% of cases are real UFO after surveys and studies of their hand.


Here's to you, there are many other elements, although other evidence, as to the existence of these real UFO. Everything is verified, you will see that what I present is only a small part.


With you to play, played music, if you want to past this message, to your way of doing things. Nothing will make me happier than to see you take ownership of this theme maligned, ridiculed and victim of misinformation.


Thank you for your patience and reading escusez me for helping me to Google Trenslate

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