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So I've made some computer games in my spare time and put them up on my blog for anyone that fancies having a little play.


The downloads page


The games:


Pong Clone 3000 - a simple pong game, with single and multiplayer modes (only on one computer though). First to 3 wins.


Brick Buster - a breakout clone, this has 13 levels already built and 7 different powerups. It also has a level editor that lets you build your own levels which you can play as standalone levels.


Aliens - a space invaders clone, if you've played space invaders, you know what's going on here.


Bomber Run - you play a plane flying over a (randomly generated) 2D city and you have to use your bomb to knock down all the buildings. When you fly off the screen, you'll move down and speed up a little bit. How many levels can you complete before you hit a building (there are 20 levels to complete), bearing in mind that you speed up more quickly the higher up the levels you get.


Make sure you download the no sourcecode versions to play them, they're zipped up so unzip them, then run the exe in the folder to play them.


Please enjoy and pass on any feedback you have. :)


(Technical stuff coming in post 2 for those interested)

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So the techno-babble for anyone interested (it's up on the site, but I'll ramble on here too).


The games are all programmed in C++, and the multimedia library used for the graphics and user input was SDL. I used the learncpp.com as my main resource for C++ learning and lazyfoo.net for my SDL tutorials. Anyone interested in their C++ development will be interested to read that the games were written using the new C++11 standard in as many places as possible (smart pointers, range based for loops, auto/nullptr keywords etc). My IDE of choice is Code::Blocks and my compiler of choice is GCC 4.7 (so I get the use of C++11, downloaded from nuwen.net). All issues and stumbling blocks were resolved through google, stack overflow, gamedev.net, gamedev.stackexchange.com, dreamincode.net, lazyfoo.net and anything else that comes up through that initial search.


All graphics lovingly made in paint. Not paint.net, not photoshop, bog standard windows paint. :)


Any questions please feel free to ask. :)

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