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Ruled by Secrecy in namco game??


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I've searched all over t'internet and this forum for any sign of this being discussed, and found nothing (maybe I'm the only person who's remotely interested?!! :rolleyes:) so thought I might bring it to everyone's attention!!


Anyway - yesterday I was intrigued to hear a sort of dreamy version of Ruled by Secrecy coming out of my laptop, as my boyf played on some sort of point and click/puzzle game, called Lost in Time: The Clockwork Tower. As a massive muse fan I was obviously quite excited to hear their music unexpectedly, and found that it was the background music for one of the main scenes of the game. So I decided to search the credits but found no reference to the music at all, and found it very strange that there would be no nod to Muse when it is quite clearly an instrumental segment of their track, not just a similar sounding composition.


If you visit here: http://www.namcogames.com/promos/clockwork-tower/ you can hear a very tiny snippet of the track on their promo video.


Just thought it was a strange place to find their music, especially with no credit to the band? What dya think?


PS - I'm not really a 'new' user, but it's been so long since I've actually posted on here that I've forgotten my original username - whoops!! :stunned:

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