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On my muser brothers' behalf


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I’m an Argentinian mother, teacher and student but I’m also a MUSER. Due to the recent topic about “Muse being U2’s support”, I feel I gotta speak on my brothers’ behalf, I know this message will not end with world hunger or war, but at least will contribute to the cause in which thousands of latin americans are included.


I know it is not the band’s fault not to be able to play a solo concert in these southern countries, but through this words I want to let you know, that we would really love, appreciate and we would be endlessly grateful if you could come and made our hearts vibrate with the music that has changed our lives, that feeds our souls and has made us discover a different world.


Whenever we say “LOVE U”, we mean it! It is not only your image, your being handsome or your amazing talent on stage. It goes farther than that, it goes to a place where there is no way of conceptions with words, where the language of the spirit speaks, and there, where we are nothing but light in an infinit universe of sounds we find MUSE.


Is our major wish to see you playing, it doesn’t matter what we have to go through to be there, shouting, screaming and sometimes crying, because you shake our worlds and when an artist is able to do that it means that he/she has reached the upper level, not good... DIVINE...




Thanks to all my Argentinian, Chilean and Peruvian brothers!


I hope this helps...



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I agree with you. And, as I said before, once a band discovers and recognizes how wide, surprising and generous Latin America is; that band gets greater than it already is.

Franz Ferdinand made a tour this year that included dates in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil (Rio, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre and Brasilia), Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic and Mexico (Mexico DF, Monterrey and Guadalajara).

I know that the stage production of Franz is way more humble than Muse's. But, to make at least one proper show in every country, we know Muse can do it!! So, this story of being just an opening band, it's just disappointing and frustrating for us.:(

I wish they consider to make a show on their own...

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Totally agree, I think we're not the only ones who wants a concert after a loooooong time from their first concert, and maybe isn't too much to ask because many countries have few dates in a row, and here we're asking just one :rolleyes:.

And really, if we really didn't care about the music we should be doing anything else, but we love this band, and we deserve (if I can say it) to see them for very first time (if we were unlucky and we missed the first two dates in Argentina) anyway, I think I wrote this message too long and maybe there is some nonsense phrases cos' my brain isn't working so good when it's too late, but the important thing is



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