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Muse at Pinkpop 2004 - Video sources needed


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Hey there everyone,


In our continuous efforts to bring you the best of the best of the best when it comes to Muse, we sometimes ask something in return for all our work, but only so that we can make it ever better.


For one of my future projects, I am desperately looking for the two video sources which were utilised by timmm to author the Pinpop & Big Day Out 2004 DVD.


All I know is that they're both MPEG-2 .mpg videos and used to be found on P2P networks as such:


Muse Pinkpop 2004.mpg - 1.91Gb

Muse - Pinkpop 2004.mpg - 723.77Mb


If you happen to have either of those two files lying around from back in the day, PLEASE contact me.


Thank you!

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Hi again everyone.


I'm reaching out to all of you again to ask if some of you would be in possession of the original file of Part 1 of the Pinkpop 2004 TV broadcast, which contains theses songs (I've managed to acquire Part 2, the 1.91Gb file, the 723Mb file is just a compressed version of the former):


01. The Small Print

02. Sing For Absolution

03. Muscle Museum

04. Citizen Erased + Piano Interlude

05. Space Dementia


If you do, please let me know! Thanks!

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