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Multicam DVDs - general questions


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Hi all


For my study course, I'm writing a short article on the phenomenon of the multicam DVD and would like to get the fans' view of things. I've noticed it with other bands as well, but us Musers seem to be particularly fond of creating these DVDs. My questions to you are:


1. What are the reasons for making a multicam DVD?


2. If you've made one yourself, how much work has gone into it (in terms of hours, sweat, tears, enjoyment)?


3. If you've contributed to a DVD or enjoyed watching one, what's the appeal of these "unofficial" DVDs?


4. Do you think that multicam DVD projects will increase, even to the point of competing with official releases? Or will the official releases always retain their top spot?



Answers to any of the above would be very much appreciated - please feel free to PM me if you'd rather not answer here. Thanks!!

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