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  1. Congrats on getting yours! US fan here ordered mine the first day too, Paypal processed my order and charged me but sadly still no luck with a shipping notification. I check my email and order status multiple times a day hoping for a change, but think it's more and more likely my order will ultimately get canceled. Update 2/7: To anyone still holding out hope on their pre-orders, I got an email letting me know my order was shipping, and receieved it 3 days later! Hopefully everyone else who pre-ordered and is still waiting gets the same news soon enough. Good Luck!
  2. Same here, I ordered through muse.mu on 9/7 and mine hasn't shipped. When I check order status just shows processing. So bummed I bought this for my wife for Christmas and can't even tell her it's just behind bc pretty sure if they couldn't fulfill a pre-order on day 2 it will ultimately get released.
  3. I placed my order through here on 9/7 at 9:44 am, just got a response from customer support that, despite PayPal charging me shortly after (which I know is the standard policy for PayPal but still), my order is back ordered and it's unknown when it will be fulfilled. Truly disappointing, should have gone through the other sources but disappointed more pre-orders would be permitted beyond what was made available. Oh well, just hoping after more waiting they don't suddenly cancel my order altogether.
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