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  1. Hi My name is Bonny Hut.... I am new to this forum. I thought Id introduce myself by showing some of my "conspiracy / spiritual" art from my "All the Worlds a Stage" series. After doing some searches I did not find much of this specific type of art on this forum...? I believe art, visual / music / poetry / theater can change the world and would love to see some other artists's "awake and aware" art. "POLITICAL THEATER" ... because certain members of the "Establishment" deserve Oscars for their award winning performances and top acting skills. "DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE - ... because the truth is stranger than fiction." Names painted in puzzle pieces (could have added many, many more: Dr Bruce Lipton, Mark Passio, Alex Jones, Cameron Day, David Icke, David Wilcock, Kerry Cassidy, Luke Rudkowski, Bashar, Vinny Eastwood, Max Egan, Stuart Swerdlow. . "REPAINTING THE SCRIPT" ... because its time to repaint the script. Oil on Canvas "WHAT YOU PONDER - YOU ACTIVATE - showing daily, starring you." Oil on Canvas. "THE FOOL IS FREE" (With David Icke) (From a short story (by the same name) written in my book.)
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