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  1. Hello Musers, Recently, I began a hashtag on Instagram called #MuseInChicago. The main purpose of the hashtag is to raise enough awareness for Muse to realize that the entirety of the Muser population is not centered around California :LOL: A lot of people have begun using the hashtag already - I am proud to announce that there's already been 130+ posts using the hashtag. However, if this is going to work, a lot more people are going to have to use it. So, please, if you have Instagram accounts, post your Muser pics to #MuseInChicago and tag Muse in them! Even if you don't live in Chicago, we need all the help we can get! Thanks guys! Sincerely, AnotherMuser
  2. Hello, I am a new member to the forum! I have recently started a hashtag on Instagram, named #MuseInChicago and it has 130+ posts already. I am hoping to raise enough awareness in order to bring Muse to Chicago! If you guys see this message, and have an Instagram account, please post with the hashtag #MuseInChicago, and hopefully Muse will see it, and come to Chicago! Thanks guys Sincerely, AnotherMuser
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