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  1. Alex5

    Drones stage set up

    From what I can make out, the 1st gig of the Drones 360 tour starts on the 13/12/15 in Oregon? Will this be the first time we see this stage production?
  2. Got tickets thankfully and sitting in block 104. Lower tier. Have looked for a more detailed map of seating arrangement for this gig? But nothing I found was detailed. Anyone no more?
  3. Although I have added, this information in 'Edit my details' , 'gigs attended/attending', I cannot see this information at the bottom of my post? Any ideas please?
  4. Alex5

    Drones stage set up

    So we know Muse will be playing from a stage set up in the centre of arenas, with possibly at some point during the concert drones flying around? anybody heard anymore
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