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  1. Back in the making of Viva La Vida and Death and All His Friends- Coldplay wrote a song titled Famous Old Painters. There was a lot of speculation about this song since the tech/roadie blogger only named as Prospekt- would comment about hanging out with the band during the making of the album. One of his favorite songs, he mentioned, was called Famous Old Painters. Now- when the album came out- much to the sadness and surprise of the fans...no such track was on it. Then it was speculated that the song was renamed or was coming out as a B-side. When it wasn't, it was speculated it'd be released on the follow up, Prospekt's March. It wasn't. But a few years later, a song appeared online titled this. Where it was released, I don't know. And I can't find any information online about it either. Some are even speculating it's a fake but there's a version online where you can faintly hear Chris Martin's voice in the background...so it looks like it's real. Anyway, I put vocals to it. Enjoy. And I called it Familiar New Places- it just fit my vocals and sounds close to the original. https://belo.bandcamp.com/track/familiar-new-places
  2. Hello, fellow Musers I have a new song I thought I'd share. It's called Unimaginable Proximity I hope you like it. And if you don't, I'd really like to hear some feedback on what would've made it better. And for all those with incoming feedback- leave a song of your own (if you have one) and I'll gladly give feedback as well. Hope you enjoy! https://belo.bandcamp.com/track/unimaginable-proximity
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