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  1. I'm glad that I'm not alone I've never been in different country for a gig. It seems terrifying, but at the same time a bit exciting. The site - ticketportal - is offering fast home delivery and it seems to be more comforting for me than these others, very distant options. Ofc I would prefer gig in my own country, but there's nothing like this in this tour. Sad. Fingers crossed for Friday Your plan looks so cool ;_____; Don't give up!
  2. Ahh, that's what I thought. Well, it's not so bad. I just feel very uncertain when I think about something so distant [and having a physical ticket would make me feel better]
  3. Hah, I mean that theoretically I can stand wherever I want to and still move during the gig. And it would be difficult with sitting ticket I think that actually I'll buy the ticket on Friday [even if it's a risk]. I don't want to wait soo long for the delivery of it. Especially when I have no idea where I will be in May. [There's is no printing option, right? Or am I blind?]
  4. Thanks for fast reply And thank you very much for the link. Actually I wanted standing ticket, so no picking up for me. I started to wonder if buying tickets in czech koruna isn't cheaper... But - still better prices than these in pounds
  5. Is is just me or on ticketportal site there is no option for presale? I thought that there'll be something like blank space for entering the code or something. Someone knows why? I just think that it is strange that there is information about presale but no way to fulfill it. How did you get your tickets? I'm so jealousss. And full of hope for Friday
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