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  1. To my knowledge, it's Thom who has a problem with Muse. IIRC, Dom went up to him/them at an awards show years ago (2006 maybe?) to have a chat and tell them he really liked them but apparently he was told to piss off.


    That, and Thom himself has said in an interview (a really old one tbf, but still) that he wishes Muse would 'crash and burn' or something along those lines.

    WTF :o I have read before that thom is mean but this is too much do u have a link of the interview?

  2. The point is to focus on promoting one song to try and garner new fans. They don't give a shit about current fans with singles.

    They care about getting NEW fans to buy the songs/albums and go to the shows.

    Not every place is the UK, or France, where Muse is typically a household name. And even there, there's always new people to try and reach.


    That's exactly why they don't release a fan favorite like Reapers and instead go for more accessible stuff; why should a fan care what's a single and what isn't, really?


    Music is a business, and you need to try and promote your shit. Not confusing, really.

    And people apparently do watch a lot of videos on YT, still.

    Totally agree, for me I don't care about singles, music videos (i dont usually watch them) etc

    I don't understand Musers who get upset over choosing disliked songs, why does it matter? U already got the whole album and you knew the good songs

  3. horse shit. The Globalist, DI, MoTP, Resistance, TaB, Exogenesis are all pretty "different" and I love them. Imo, 2nd Law is just crap. There's "different", then there's "tuneless drivel". Save Me and Explorers aren't "different" at all, they're just boring, plain and simple. Follow Me is different, yes, but merely annoying. Easily is different in a similar kind of way to Follow Me, and I love that track. Liquid State isn't "different" at all, it's just boring. Unsustainable is "different" but also "unremarkable", as is Panic Station. Just imo of course, but I'm sure you get my stance by now :)


    dear lord i wasn't ready for a long post u really hate the album so much

    supremacy, survival, madness, PC, animals, follow me, unsustainable are all amazing to me

    the others are ok

  4. wow some people hate endlessly and darkshines :unsure:



    So Matt does not speak French with a good accent.


    IBTY is one of my favourite of The Resistance.

    if i'm not mistaken i remember he said in a french TV program that he doesn't pronounce it well and he had to use it in french so it can go well with rhyme

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