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  1. WTF :o I have read before that thom is mean but this is too much do u have a link of the interview?
  2. I heard that too but i wanna see his reaction because of the comparisons between him and thom
  3. Great interview I wish there was a Radiohead song I really wanna see Matt's reaction to it
  4. City Of Delusion I liked it but it wasn't the one that made me a fan
  5. i am sure if i have your luck i will survive life anyway enjoy
  6. can someone please explain what does he mean here
  7. I want Placebo to cover Muscle Museum, I don't know but this song suits Brian's voice so much. I feel like it would be as good as the original.
  8. Totally agree, for me I don't care about singles, music videos (i dont usually watch them) etc I don't understand Musers who get upset over choosing disliked songs, why does it matter? U already got the whole album and you knew the good songs
  9. does anyone know good sites that sell muse t-shirts other than the official store and amazon ?
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