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  1. In my honest opinion is not about how genius/fantastic Matt is, but how easy is for Matt to say or sarcastically induce some highly cohesive thoughts/conclusions about the establishment in public.
  2. Chris made a joke with the He Man video. EDIT: Ah no, it's Chris parody account >_< Sorry ... It's this hype that makes me post whatever sh*t I find
  3. In twitter people says Psycho is already available in Belgium. http://www.deezer.com/album/9862236 I tried to use a proxy to check it but javascript doesn't let me load it :/
  4. I hope Matt gives an interview of Drones like this one he gave about T2L It kind of gives me the impression that Matt is like an Oracle.. He might sorta already figured out what's gonna happen with human beings. It would be interesting to share a focus group/seminary with him to hear what he thinks, reads, etc
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