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  1. I listened to the album 9-10 times before having a look here to see what everyone's reactions were. Somewhat surprisingly, my opinions seem to be in line with what most people are saying: Dead Inside: Decent track. Prehaps a little pedestrian, but I love the guitar tone here, especially on the first mini solo. 7/10 Drill/ Pyscho: This one grew on me a lot. Still not a huge fan of the sampling, but I'm used it now. It's a fun, if perhaps overly simple song. 7.5/10 Mercy: This one has lost a little of it's luster. I do enjoy the build up to the chorus, but it just feels like a bland, generic Starlight. Usually skipped. 5/10 Reapers: Ok, now we're getting somewhere. I (like some other's mentioned) thought this sounded a little disjointed at first, but it became more cohesive upon multiple listens. Love the chorus, very fun. This feels like the Muse I know and love. 9/10 The Handler: My favorite track for sure. I have nothing but good to say about it. Lyrically, it's far above anything else on the album, Matt's vocals are amazing, and it rocks so hard. It's a perfect mix between old and new muse. 10/10 JFK/ Defector: A solid tune. I actually think the sampling is used rather effectively here, and I really enjoy the moody, haunting solo-y bit at the end. 8/10 Revolt: This is where the album starts the falter. I don't dislike this song as much as most; in fact I think it's enjoyable, it's just nothing special. 6.5/10 Aftermath: After a decent start to the track, it goes downhill. Overall cheesy, boring, and in my mind, simply not Muse. 3/10 The Globalist: Don't get a lot of the hate for this track. I really like it. It's no CE, but it's up there. While the song does cycle through seemingly very different styles, I think the transitions are effective, and I love the variety. The end of the hard section is among the best 20 seconds of music Muse has ever produced... there just wasn't enough of it! The only complaint is the mid hard section is cut too short, and the final piano section is too long. 8/10 Drones: Out of place, poor closer, and bad lyrics. Complete head scratcher here. 2/10 Overall, I think this is their best effort since BH&R. It's still not as good as BH&R, OOS, or Absolution, but it's definitely better than TR and T2L! Lyrically the album lacks subtlety! This might be the worst collection of lyrics on a Muse album. Fortunately for me, Muse has always been about the music (never thought Matt was the best lyricist), so it's mostly ok. I still believe Muse has a least one more truly great album left in them. I was hoping this would be it, but they're not quite there. Maybe next time. Either way, I've been constantly listening to most of this album, which I haven't done since BH&R, so I'm pretty happy. Also, can we please stop with the "sounds like Queen, Rage, etc. etc. blah, blah, blah". Firstly, you could make similar comparisons about almost every band, and more importantly, is a style of singing/ playing just off limits because someone else did it before!? So the vocals sound like Queen at times... so what? Matt is clearly not ripping off Queen, so who cares?!
  2. Make sense about the stage and what not. In any case, I know someone said there will be a DVD for T2L tour, but is there any source for confirmation? I ask mostly because I'm curious whether there's been any ETA given. Cheers
  3. I've heard a few people say that it was bad. Is there any particular reason people thought it was bad? From what I've seen posted around here, seems like most people are enjoying the 2nd Law tour; why the difference in opinions from tour to tour?
  4. I have a couple questions I was hoping someone might be able to answer: 1. Why was a DVD of the Resistance tour never released? 2. Has there been any word on whether or not there's going to be a DVD released of the 2nd Law tour? Sure hope so... I got to see the 2nd Law tour, and I'd really like to see the show again (hopefully on Bluray... some high definition output is long overdue for Muse). Also, if there is a new DVD, I hope whoever directs/edits it does a better job than whoever did the HAARP tour DVD. The editing/ number of cuts was so bad I can barely watch it.
  5. Hey, this is my first time posting here; but just wanted to add my 2 cents about the show. I've been a huge Muse fan ever since OoS, but living in Newfoundland, Canada, I've never had an opportunity to see them play. So, this tour, I decided to go to Muse. Flew to Toronto specifically to see Muse play, and well, it was totally worth the trip! Thought it was an amazing show (although I was a little disappointed about the lack of OoS in the setlist). Minor complaint though; overall it was a sublime experience, and aside from just being a damn good time, it had two nice side effects: 1. Never cared much for The 2nd Law... a lot of the songs felt like misfires to me at first. However, after seeing most of them performed live, I can honestly say I "get them" now (for lack of a better term). My appreciation for the newest album has definitely increased since the show. 2. Admittedly, after years of listening to Muse, and after my initial disappointment with The 2nd Law, my interest in Muse had lessened over the last year or two. They never stopped being my favorite band... but I had stopped listening to them nearly as much as I once did. After this show, my passion for their music has totally been rekindled. Can't stop listening to them again! Anyway... hope I get to see them again someday. But if not, still super stoked I got to see them at least once. What a massive item to knock off my bucket list!
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