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  1. very similar. just sent them this: Dear Sirs, I have recently received an email to inform me that my seat allocation for the concert has been changed from Block 18 to Block 24. I have since spoken to one of your advisors who told me that the stage will now be on the halfway line and so seats have been reallocated accordingly. To my knowledge, this has been done so that customers have an equivalent position to what they had before. I would therefore appreciate an explanation for where my seats have been reallocated to. Our new allocation of seats would, if anything, be further away from the stage than the ones we purchased originally! An explanation as to why Block 24 was chosen in this case would be greatly appreciated. If this isn't possible, please advise how I can obtain a refund on the tickets purchased. Kind regards,
  2. This is the seating plan: Myself and 3 others have been moved from Block 18, Row PP to Block 24, Row MM. Surely we should be in Block 20 like Maviscruet! I will be contacting them.
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