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  1. Ahhhh! I got my tickets for both London nights! So excited though it's six months away. I got upper tier seats but i don't care, i'm seeing a Muse stadium gig, a bloody stadium gig; the best thing in the world. LOVE IT! Really easy to get tickets as well, i was expecting a massive queue but it was all confirmed within 10 minutes. Can't wait. :3
  2. Can i be a pain and ask you where you plan on staying for the two nights in London? I'm doing the same but going on my own. I've seen a couple of hotels nearby but it's getting back from the stadium safely. D':
  3. I'm hoping to go to both nights on the general release day tomorrow, but i was wondering if there waa anyone else doing the same and who isn't from London? If so, then which hotels are you staying at? I'm not particularly looking forward to walking through a North London residential area late at night... Thankyou c:
  4. Hi! Yeah i haven't got my tickets, waiting for the Friday, but i'm hoping to go to both nights? So at the moment, i'm going on my own, and i was wondering what everyone else who don't live in London are doing for staying over? I've lined up a few hotels near the stadium but i don't want to be assaulted. D: If i can camp in the Stadium then that sounds swish to me :3
  5. Hai c: Yeah, i'm going to the Emirates concerts, possibly both nights, which will be epic. I was wondering if anyone else was doing the same? I really don't want to be wandering around London on my own back to the hotel at night :c
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