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    I'm ginger, get over it ;)
    I'm a massive fangirl, if you know me then you've already worked that out by now!
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    my hobbies.... Hm.
    Listening to muse all day? And fan girling over them, does that count?
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    Muse obv.
    30 seconds to mars
    The killers
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    All of their CDs and quite a few single CDs!
    Plug In Baby single cd
    Time Is Running Out cd and DVD
    Sing For Absolution cd single
    Hyper Music/Feeling Good cd single
    Muscle Museum 1 cd single
    Be jealous
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    First concert was Manchester 1/11/12 but I've been wanting to see them for agerssss.
    Counting down for 1/06/2013 ETIHAD!!:D
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  1. My first stadium concert ...loved it xD Me and my friend got a train from Sheffield to Piccadilly, manged to get lost and had to get a tram to Etihad, two lads on the tram were talking about muse so we sutlely followed them upto the stadium ( they obvs knew) when the barriers got put up, I was third in the second que, it was my friend who messed up scanning the ticket barcode xD we got to the stage B barrier right in front of the stairs, didn't expect Matt to pop out of the little door under the stage xD gutted they didn't come down the left side of the barrier much but I wasnt fussed, deadstar and blackout made up for that!
  2. Woah, you've got to be kidding me, are people really going to que that early?:-( I qued up at MEN 1/11/12 from 3pm (gates opens at 6.30) and I was at the barrier :s Hope you lot who live in Manchester don't camp out, trains don't come that early xD
  3. Does anyone who lives in Manchester or just has a good deal of knowledge about their trains from Piccadilly know whats the latest train back to Sheffield? I've checked the northern rail line website and everytime I check it changes the times I swear-_- at the minute the last train is 22.28 But that is going to be a bit risky seen as we don't know when the concert finishes + 20 minute walk from stadium to train station :/ The concert starts at 16:30 according to the gigs and tours website but does that mean it will finish earlier too? I hope it does :-( I mean I don't but if it means we can get a train back then... Also, jeez 20 questions much?xD are there usually later trains in the summer? Just hope we can get a train back or me and my two friends will be forking out for a taxi back, and that's not looking so cheap and I can tell you:-(
  4. Yeah, me and my friend were like ewwwww! He kept spitting everywhere, the stage, in the air, just ew. And he kept punching his own head and like pointing at the audience, anyone else notice that?xD The drummer was soo cute though haha ;3
  5. Thats a very good video! But unfortunately it goes blurry where I was at the standing part, typical eh?:-( (I was near the end more than centre, just slightly in front of the raised column) Thank you though!:-)
  6. Also, I'm hoping with all the footage they get from each venue they put it on a DVD or something, they'd be loads of footage though so it might not get included in the final thing, it should do
  7. Yes I've watched a video on YouTube and you can just see me and my friends face and arm as Matt walked past on the big triangle screen, it's blurry though so I can't be 100% sure it's us :-( Thank you! You don't kind if I make one of those photos my timeline cover on Facebook do you? none of my friends believe me that he came down to us xD
  8. You know when Matt jumped down to the audience near the front, during undisclosed desires? Well did anyone get any footage of it or photos near the left of the stage? I was at the barrier on the left side and just as Matt went past us (and shook my hand, omg) my camera went off :-( Wondered if anyone caught him going to the left side of the standing area, on video?
  9. No, both me and my friend had shorts on with our bad tops:3 I have ginger hair and she has jet black hair, that's only way you'd recognise us I think xD
  10. Could of! But me and my friend are rather short so everyone was tall compared to us xD
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