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  1. Dear Matthew,

    Dear Muse band,

    I need a miracle...

    I bought for my daughter (the oldest one) Margaux, for her birthday, two tickets for your concert held next Thursday 18 October in Paris.

    3 weeks ago, someone stole my bag, my papers, and other documents (including the 2 tickets of the concert) at a café in Paris.

    My daughter is aware of her gift, but I did not tell her yet that I have no more tickets now. It is too difficult to me to see disappointment in her eyes ... I need to fix this absolutely…She is such a big fan of your band. But, the concert is sold out a long time ago yet. I know it is very late to ask now. But, I tried so hard to figure out this problem and find an issue for days without any success. They are tickets on internet but such expensive and without the certitude that those are real. If you could help it will be a huge thing for her.

    I know, I need a miracle and I ask a lot... Thank you in advance for anything you could try to do.




    The father.

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