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  1. Need to have tickets. Already seeing them 17 ocotber.
  2. I ordered the box set, but I still haven't got the code to download the FLAC files. Help?
  3. Hey FabriPav, your Vinyl had Matt on it right? Mine too. It's just a bit right of the flash. Bad quality.
  4. I'm going to hang the artowrk in a nice place. And the vinyls, idk. I don't have a vinyl player so...
  5. IT ARRIVED ASADNALJDF wow it's so cool and the box itself the warmth reactive thing omg
  6. sandertheninja


    Matt answered me. Yeah.
  7. I didn't recieve an email. The fact PostNL sneds it makes me not happy, I always have trouble with them.
  8. I ordered it. I'm from the Netherlands, so... will it arrive the 1st of October or 28th september?
  9. I got it And now I have almost now money xD But yeah, that ink did it for me.
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