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  1. OOS and Abso seem popular - I'll have to do a Showbiz one and see what that looks like!
  2. Split up white icing into balls (one for each colour) and mushed in the food colouring, rolled out each one and painstakingly cut out the hexagons by hand with a knife! A cutter coudn't been helpful but I do like the handmade look of it..
  3. Yeah I've seen that one floating around, I do like it - it just needs some colour, I thought OOS album cover is intriguing..
  4. Ugh, I have no words as to how immensely epic that night was.
  5. Wow - the artwork is amazing! And I really really like the story, the concept... and I appreciate your strive to make this work. Merchandise is a big leap forward, it'll be interesting to see how it goes. But I will donate a few dollars to get the ball rolling. I really wish you the best of luck with the project.
  6. So I painstakingly hand crafted/baked a Muse-related cake for my friend for her birthday. Suffice to say my hands were stained with food colouring for the next few days, but it went down a treat! Thought this was a good place to get some Muse cake-art appreciation
  7. So once upon a Muse concert, me and my friend were wondering if there was any merch in the form of an all-over printed t-shirt of the Muse album artwork that existed at all... Because we thought it would look awesome. Haven't found any in existence so far so I thought I'd draw up a quick artists-impression of what they might look like and OMG I want them all. Can't find a company that would print such shirts for a decent price though. Please tell me that we're not the only ones that would buy these!
  8. I don't suppose anybodys interested in a standing ticket for the O2 on the 27th, going for £80? (bought them at £150) I stupidly bought 2 tickets for Friday and Saturday instead of 2 for just Friday. Otherwise, straight swap with a standing ticket for the 26th?
  9. Probably couldn't have said it better myself. Haven't heard one thing that I've readily disliked, but some of their material is better than others. But even their not-as-good works are amazing in the relative scale of the music industry. Top end stuff. Because we like and listen to Muse, we have high standards musically
  10. It's not something I would've thought they'd incorporate into their new album... and certainly not a genre of music I listen to out of choice.. But all the same, I'm terrifically excited to hear how Muse have worked with it and made it their own, and look forward to another musical exploration with Matt, Dom and Chris as the tour guides!!
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